Make Eggshell Ornaments- Egg shell craft for kids- ideas for Easter arts and crafts


Egg shells
Tacky glue or school glue
Acrylic colours
Catgut (or string)
Pair of scissors
Ribbon, rick-rack, or metallic braid ( 1/8 inch size is the best)

Lets get started

Step 1: Poke a large hole in the egg

Step 2: Paint the egg with Acrylic colours ( be careful not to break the egg, you can choose your favourite colours)

Step 3: start cutting holes in the front of the eggs with a very sharp pair of scissors. Cut holes large enough so that you are able to set a scene inside. Cut slowly and be patient. Sometimes it might help to poke a hole with the pin to get started.

Step 4: let the paint dry, then apply glue on egg shell

Step 5: Apply the sparkling sand while the glue is still wet

Step 6: Tie the string on top for hanging the egg
Step 7: Field test the amount of ribbon or braid or whatever that it takes to circle the egg hole in the front of the egg (see picture). Cut the ribbon and glue into place. Let the glue dry.

Step 8: set a scene inside

There are some examples that you could use 
Download here